10 facts:
Fact 1

Факт 1TM “Kolonist” represents Plachkov family’s pride, the result of their ongoing commitment and the expression of love, passion for the land and its bounty. Plachkov family’s winery was founded in 2005 with the aim of producing premium local wines. Today winery is managed by its founder and owner Ivan Plachkov and his wife Alla.

Fact 2

факт 2“Kolonist” took its name from the Bulgarian colonists who inhabited this area in the XVIII century. The founder and the owner of the company – Ivan Plachkov – is a descendant of the nation who made a huge contribution in turning this abandoned territory into flourishing and fertile land. The land that is devoted to winemaking and high-quality enology. The label of TM “Kolonist” contains the portrait of Ivan Plachkov’s great-grandfather, who was one of the first Bulgarian colonists of Bessarabia.


Fact 3

факт 3«Kolonist» winery is situated in one of the best Ukrainian wine producing regions – Danubian Bessarabia (the South of the Odessa region), where the viticulture has been a long established tradition ever since the Greeks and Thracians first discovered fertile lands. The winery was founded in owner’s native village Krynycne, where vineyards grow on the slopes of Ukraine’s largest freshwater Lake Yalpug, where they are receiving the double sun rays and a they’re well windblown.


Fact 4

Факт 4Kolonist vineyards are located on the same latitude as Bordeaux (France) and Piedmont (Italy) – the 45th parallel, in the best climatic conditions – a moderately continental climate with the sea influence.


Fact 5

факт 5  TM “Kolonist” produces no more than 140,000 bottles per year that allows to pay more  attention to the quality of wine and to introduce new technologies and innovations focusing its attention on high-quality dry wines. It also produces semi-dry and sweet wines in a small amount.

Fact 6

факт 6TM “Kolonist” exclusively uses Ukrainian saplings. Along with European varieties, we work with two Ukrainian grape varieties that have been bred by the Institute. V.E.Tairova in the Odessa region – Odessa Sukholimansky white and Odessa black. Wines from these grape varieties have their own unique character and reflect the Ukrainian winemaking.

Fact 7

факт 7Since 2007 “Kolonist” has cooperated with one of the best French wine consultant from Bordeaux Olivier DAUGA (www.olivierdauga.com), he advises the entire process of wine-making coming to the Krynychne village several times per year with his wife Cathy  SOCASAU.

Fact 8

факт 8The entire process that takes place in the vineyards goes exclusively by the hand: the formation of the vines, pruning and collecting is performed manually by people who learning to master classes from professional viticulturists from France, Kolonist personally invites them to cooperation.

Fact 9

факт 9In December 2011 outstanding wine expert Oz Clark and top five UK wine journalists highly appreciated Kolonist wines. Oz Clark admitted that Ukraine will take its place of honor on the world wine map soon, and thanks to the wines “Kolonist” there will be a wine region as Danube Bessarabia.

Fact 10

факт 10In October 2013 Kolonist took part in the competition in London «Wine Premiere Awards» (wine innovation). For this competition, independent French wine critics Michel Bettane and Thierry Desseauve, which are among the most respected and influential French wine experts, selected 14 wines from around the world, among which was the wine “Cabernet-Merlot Kolonist” 2011 harvest. This wine was ranked  second and on the rating considerably surpassed the other contestants.