How it all began…:


Svitlana was born in Odessa in 1957. In 1980 she graduated from Odessa Polytechnic Institute, Department of Atomic Energy; in 1998 she graduated from Taras Shevchenko Kiev National University, Law Department.

Svitlana Plachkova was an amazingly talented woman. Through daily hard work Svetlana reached the top of her professional activity. She was a true patriot of her country who took part in liquidation the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident during the first days after it had happened. Founder, mastermind and constant inspirer of the scientific and educational publication “Energy: History, Present and Future” (which is the last contribution of Svitlana Hryhogivna to her biggest ardour – energy sector, to which she gave all her knowledge, her heart and her soul).

Svitlana was full of high and noble aspirations, and was one of the originators of the formation of nuclear and energy laws of Ukraine, taking an active part in the development of 13 major laws. It is difficult to overestimate her contribution to the development of legal frameworks of nuclear energy safe use in Ukraine. Largely thanks to Svitlana a strategy of energy development in Ukraine until the year 2030 was developed.

Svitlana wanted our country to be a part of the European family: an economically developed, democratic, and secure country which respects and guarantees human rights of its citizens. Therefore, in 2002 she embarked upon an entirely new business for herself, heading the newly established Committee on European Integration of the Verkhovna Rada. Starting almost from the scratch, Svitlana, together with other enthusiasts, carried out an effective mechanism of adaptation the Ukrainian legislation to EU law, which now processes the entire array of legislative acts which come to the Parliament. That is why today the Ukrainian energy legislation meets all European standards largely thanks to Svitlana Plachkova.

During her stay in Odessa in 2005-2006 Svitlana did her best to improve the welfare of street children, AIDS patients and people suffering from tuberculosis. A number of asylums and rehabilitation centers were founded on her initiative.

She was the inspirer of the reconstruction of the Odessa Opera House. Thanks to her efforts, various musical instruments for the symphony orchestra were purchased.

With ardent love to the Bessarabian land, with great love to multiethnic people who live in the Lower Danube region, she dreamed about rapid economic development of the region and about its prosperity, putting all her efforts to make this dream come true.  These efforts helped to restore the local clinic, to found the nursing home, to restore the tomb of General Inzov – the Guardian of Bulgarians, to rebuild the church in the Krynychne village, destroyed in 1986, to hoist a memorable cross to Bulgarian settlers, to publish Ukrainian-Bulgarian and Bulgarian-Ukrainian dictionaries, and still this is not the end to the list of her noble accomplishments. Thousands of children and adults were given medical consultation and treatment in Odessa and Kyiv.

But one of the most significant achievements of Svitlana Plachkova was the establishment of the Association of Fishers “Perlyna Bessarabiyi” (“The Pearl of Bessarabia”), which control three regions near lake Yalpug. More than 300 fishermen were able to return to the traditional occupation of their ancestors. 300 families were granted the prosperity and confidence in the future.

Energetic, extremely hardworking, ambitious, always optimistic, fair, friendly, wise, and sensitive Svitlana had a well-earned reputation combined with great love and respect of people in Odessa and the Danube Bessarabia.

The “Kolonist” trademark is the greatest brainchild of Svitlana which became her biggest inspiration and passion in life. Together with the talented Ukrainian winemakers Lidiya Zadnipryanna and Borys Zadnipryannyi, highly professional team of winegrowers and winemakers in the Krynychne village, winemaking business and the production of quality wines were established.  Svitlana defined the philosophy and principles of this enterprise:

“We create traditions”
“We make a true wine”
“We produce wine for everyone like for ourselves”
“Our wine deserves to be longed for”
«We want our wine to become a part of our enthusiasts’ lives”

Since the very first day of the enterprise, she invited talented power engineers and her friends from the “Siemens and Alstom” company: Petr Rampas and Vitaliy Borodan who assisted the selection of equipment and helped in creating the concept of the plant construction and technological process in general. Moreover, she gladly invited winemakers from Mosel: Dr. Kirch and Dr. Pauli who helped with great pleasure in the work.

During the first meeting with prominent winemakers from Bordeaux: Olivier Dauga and Cathy Socasau, Svitlana inspired them on producing wine in Ukraine. By following her ideas and putting maximum efforts, they have been collaborating with Ukrainian winemakers and producing excellent, honest wine with great enthusiasm for already several years. To the joy of Svitlana Plachkova, other wine enterprises of Ukraine became very interested in our French colleagues.

Svitlana was confident that the high culture of wine consumption and the production of honest wine was an essential attribute of a highly civilized society. Consequently, after a very short period of time first shipments of fair quality Ukrainian wine, valued by consumers not only in Ukraine, were made. Thanks to her efforts, wine of the “Kolonist” trademark was twice presented in the Parliament of Great Britain, as well as in many Ukrainian embassies abroad and foreign embassies in Ukraine. It was a great pleasure to know that the Belgian Ambassador in Ukraine Marc Vinck enjoyed the wine of the “Kolonist” trademark and granted it the title of the “Best ambassador of Ukraine in the world”. Today, wine of the “Kolonist” trademark has occupied a respected place in London and is highly appreciated by demanding British consumers.  In the city of Bordeaux – winemaking heart of France, wine of the “Kolonist” trademark is on the same footage with outstanding French wines in the wine lists of local restaurants.

Svitlana was the soul and the inspiration of the “Kolonist” trademark.

Great diligence, dedication, love for her work and belief in what she did brought her not only a great and well-earned respect, support, understanding and appreciation, but also love of people with whom she worked and made friends with.

The woman who cared about others, the woman who was always leaving light traces in the life of everyone, the person who inspired and changed the world around us. Svitlana Plachkova filled every day with light, harmony and love … She was the very essence of a woman – a caring daughter, a loving wife, a evoted mother, a wonderful grandmother …


An open, virtuous, cheerful, energetic, sincere and friendly person…

Svitlana passed away on May 28, 2010.