We create traditions.

We make wine for everyone like for ourselves.

Our wine has to be desirable.

We want our wine to become the part of its admirers's destiny.



The Plachkovs founded their family winery in 2005 in order to produce premium local wines. Kolonist winery is situated in a famous Ukrainian wine producing region – Danubian Bessarabia (south of Odessa region), where viticulture has been a long established tradition ever since the Greeks and the Thracians for the first time have discovered these fertile soils.

Kolonist wines are produced from grapes grown on the south-western slopes of the biggest fresh-water lake in Ukraine – Yalpug. Thanks to sloped slopes vineyards get the double a portion of sun's rays – from the sun and rays which reflected from the surface of the lake, vineyards also well blown by winds.

30 hectares of the Guyot-trained vines lie on the clayey soils rich in minerals with deep layers of lime. This modern training system requires a limited yield, which together with this particular soil gives high-quality grapes. Each vine bears only a few bunches, harvested by hand, which are very rich in flavors; give the wine strength, harmony and elegancy. Geographical position at the same latitude with Bordeaux in France and Piedmont in Italy gives an excellent opportunity to grow the grapes in perfect climate conditions.

Combination of unique terroir with modern equipment from France, Germany and Italy and traditional 100-year-old French oak barrels gives a right to Kolonist for being proud of its wine’s high-quality. 

In 2007 a famous enologist from Bordeaux, France, Mr. Olivier Dauga (www.daugabordeaux.com) joined to Kolonist. Together with his wife Catherine Socasau, he consults on the matter of wine-making and wine-growing at the winery with great enthusiasm. This cooperation appeared to be very successful and today Kolonist wines can be found not only in the best restaurants, on the store shelves in Ukraine, but also in the United Kingdom.

Kolonist creates brand of Ukrainian wine producing two wines from Ukrainian grape varieties: Sukholimanskyi white and Odessa black.

Kolonist is focused on high quality dry wines; also produces semi-dry and sweet wines. «KOLONIST» produces no more than 140 000 bottles per year, which allows to pay more attention to the quality of wine and to introduce new technologies and innovations.