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Did you know that in 2007 after 11 years of reconstruction of Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre, it was opened after two the most terrible fires in its history (most of time the theatre was closed). Recovering and finishing the reconstruction was made by Ivan Plachkov – in that time governor of Odessa region. After which the theatre was honored by the Presidential decree and get National status.

Ivan Plachkov fully dedicated to theatre 1,5 year!

In 90th of XX century the condition of the theatre was admitted as catastrophic. In 1996 the Cabinet of the Ministers of Ukraine allocated money on capital repair. Works was planned to finish in 4 years. They managed only to strengthen the building base (this time driving 1800 piles to a depth of 14-18 meters). But due to lack of funds the reconstruction was stopped almost for 10 years. Ivan Plachkov was needed only 1,5 year to finish the reconstruction, were slated a roof, facade renovation and all surrounding area. Also were reconstructed the backstage, stage floor, installed modern lighting and sound equipment, heating system and new safety curtain. Present equipment of the theatre is meeting up-to-date requirements. This includes air conditioner, automatic production desk, electronic control of art lighting with the programmatic cybernetic installation, computer control of stage movement, and complex system of firefighting equipment. The placing of chairs in the hall excludes the presence of so-called “blind places” and wonderful acoustics allows spectator to hear even the whisper from stage.


So, after stage reconstruction it was divided into sectors, and each of them can go up and down almost for 3 meters. And some of blocks from the stage can turn around and separate of each other to 10 angle degree. The weight of curtains doubly decreased, and now instead of 40 tons each of them weighs 14 tons. The stage installed by autonomous fire-protection system and the theatre generally is equipped with fire alarms.

According to specialist’s words, the conditioning system of the theatre was projected in such way, that not to damage the primary conditioning system, which was established in architectural design! Only in the most scenic parts of the theatre are placed 43 devices, which are providing given temperature characteristics in every room. Besides, cooling installations are soft-running and work on special non-damaging freon gas. For gold plating of theatre were used 7 kilograms and 538 grams of gold.

Experts predict that working life of reconstructed building is calculated for more than 100 years.


Ivan Vasyliovych thinking about that time, said:

“The most interesting work was investigating in municipal library memoirs about old theatre and trying to save the prime beauty of the building. The whole inner décor of the theatre is fully matches of the ancient records. And for up-to-date technologies was used internal equipment. For example, was purchased special installation which was flapping away the city birds from the building and they didn’t seat on it. Usually on such constructions were used edged metal sticks for facades, which are mar the appearance of concrete. In the Odessa Opera House case, this installation was imitated the screech of wild birds during few months, which were made scared of pigeons and crows. The neighbors who were living near the theatre were courageous stand for these screeches of wild birds during whole process. All this was made for the “local pearl”. And this process was quite enough, because the birds pass the next generation of danger signals in certain locations and there won’t be birds anymore.”


In 1810 was ceremonial opening of the Odessa Opera House. The house had 800 seats. Opera repertoire of the first Municipal theatre had performances of Rossini, Bellini, Verdi and others. Alexander Pushkin admitted that an Italian opera in Odessa “was renewed his soul”.


In 1873 in 64 years after opening of the theatre, the Municipal theatre was completely destroyed by fire. From the Municipal theatre was left only ashes. A year later, the municipality announced a competition to design a new temple of art, and the construction was entrusted to the Viennese architects Ferdinand Fellner and Herman Helmer, who have already established theaters in Vienna, Budapest and other European cities.

“Odessa Opera House is the best in the world!” – exclaimed Ferdinand Fellner, when he arrived to Odessa on the occasion of the finished reconstruction, and he gave gilded key of the theatre to the mayor Hryhorii Marazli. This symbolic key was placed in the metal box and walled-up in the bottom of the mirror on the stairs of the western portico of theatre.

The opening of the new theatre was in 1887.

The second serious fire of the Odessa Opera House was in 1925. The fire damaged the house, destroyed the stage, decorations and costumes. Also was harmed note library and stage curtain. But a year later the theatre revived performances.

It soon surfaced that the building is sinking and in its supporting construction appeared crazing. The first works of strengthening basement of the theatre began in 1955. Then were used a unique technology: using a variety of special drilled prospect holes in the basement and filled them with the 6 million liters of glass liquid. But the building continued to deteriorate because of soft rock soil.

And in 2007 thanks to Ivan Plachkov started a new theatre history!

The whole team of the Kolonist company proud of incredible work of Ivan Plachkov and his own contribution to the Ukrainian culture!

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