Festival of young wine
from 16.08.2017 to 20.09.2017
Festival of young wine

Family winery "Colonist" traditionally begins in August season harvest and opens a wine festival, which will last two months!

Young wine is only once a year. It's not possible to transport a real young wine, so you can taste it only in a few months and only on the winery! The first in the solar Danube Bessarabia ripe Muscat grapes from which the wine comes incredible. From ancient times, young wine is known as an elixir of health, beauty and longevity. It is during this period that you can not only enjoy the young wine but also get involved in the harvesting process!

We invite everyone to join the great art - wine, dive into the world of wine, witness the beauty of vineyards winery "Colonist" and the blue of the largest freshwater lakes in Ukraine - Yalpug, personally collect pour sun grapes and then suppress his bare feet in "charabanc" as it did in ancient times, the fiery music taste fresh grape juice.

“St. George’s Day” Feast on May 6th

Kolonist invites you and your family to discover the colorful traditions of Bulgarian culture visiting the ancient Balkan festival “St. George’s Day”.

«Trifon Zarezan» Feast on February 14th

This is a celebration in honor of Christian priest Tryphon, who was executed at Nicaea in the year 250.
According to the legend on the day of execution all the vineyards in the country was attacked by insects, so vinedressers called on St. Tryphon to protect them.

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