Music and wine. High note.

Music and wine. High note.

Wine and music is always there, it's a combination of the two pleasures, two worlds, two philosophies.

According to recent research music best affects Your perception of taste of wine and Your choice of wine. University of Leicester, Department of psychology, in his research identified that there is a direct impact of music on the choice and taste of the wine. Music creates the mood that allows a better sense of the bouquet of the wine and faster to define your wine preferences.

So-known European musician with roots in Odessa Alexey Botvinov and a prominent Ukrainian winemaker, founder of the winery, "Colonist" Ivan Plachkov invited to salon evening "Music and wine". You will find yourself in the atmosphere of the delicate intertwining of music and wine. You will learn what kind of music is the kind of wine that best reflects and creates mood. You will get acquainted with high culture of wine etiquette and taste the best vintage wines of the winery "Colonist". You will enjoy the sounds of classical music from the great Maestro, and a friendly atmosphere.

One of the best traditions of life - a combination of philosophy with other wine floofy.

Outstanding pianist, people's artist of Ukraine, the best performer of Rachmaninoff's works in Europe Alexey Botvinov and outstanding winemaker, founder family winery "Colonist", was elected to Toledo (Spain) member of the European advice of professionals of wine, Ivan Plachkov friends for many years, combine their two passions, two worlds: music and wine!

Ivan Plachkov and Alexey Botvinov invited to a unique evening combination of great music and great wine. Spetsilno until this evening Alexey Botvinov and Ivan Plachkov picked 6 wines "Colonist" to 6 unrivaled classic works. Each piece and each wine have the same style and accentuate each other.

And enjoy the surprises from the Colonist. The aperitif Bser "Colonist" - sparkling classic method of champagne, the debut of the winery "Colonist" in 2016. And digestif - dessert Muscat for the ladies and the Tower (port) men's under cigars.

the Evening will take place in Odessa diplomatic corps - a historic building in the centre of the pearl of the Black sea.

Evening of fellowship and inspiration together with the outstanding pianist of the world level Alex Botvinevym and an outstanding Ukrainian winemaker, founder family winery "Colonist" - Ivan Plachkov.

In the event program of works by Bach, Chopin, Liszt, Tchaikovsky, and Rachmaninoff Legrand!

Among the wines, except Bsera, Nutmeg and port wine Tower, guests can enjoy the best collection of vintage wines Colonist, namely, collectible Cabernet 2009 with an exposure of 1.5 years in the French 100-year-old oak, the Chardonnay category, "High gamma" aged in oak barrels with acacia bottom, Riesling – semi-dry, top-selling Colonist and, of course, two flagships of Ukrainian wine Odessa black Suholimansky! The last two wines are produced from Ukrainian grapes and have long been calling cards of the diplomatic corps of Ukraine, and Colonist (the Ambassador of Belgium in Ukraine) – Ambassador of Ukraine in Europe!

Immerse yourself in the majestic world of art with us!

August 27, Odessa, 18:00.

Diplomatski club Odessa (Gagarin Plateau, 7)

Dress code - black tie.

tickets - 1 000 UAH.

Booking and ticketing : +380(67) 483 74 78 Victoria

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