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Red dessert wine can be distinguished by its rich tart taste and sweet aroma. The Kolonist winery online store offers you buying Ukrainian red dessert wine, which will give you a real pleasure and an unforgettable aftertaste. The Kolonist winery offers you high-quality Ukrainian dessert wines from selected varieties of red grapes:
1. Liturgical red dessert wine from red grape varieties is an ideal addition to sweet dishes. Refined taste of red and black berries in combination with notes of ripe fig makes the aftertaste and aroma unforgettable and unique. Moreover, Liturgical red dessert wine always accompanies saint Communion, secrecy of church wedding, christening and many church holidays.
2. Odessa black dessert wine is a unique opportunity to feel like you’re in the homeland of this red wine in Bessarabia. Because in this drink a rich taste of red figs and black currants perfectly blends with an exquisite aroma of coffee, chocolate and vanilla, creating a palette of bright colours and unforgettable aromas. Odessa black wine from selected red grapes creates an atmosphere of love and romance.

Red dessert wine is distinguished by a high sugar content. Our winemakers achieve this with the help of the most complicated technology of fermentation termination – fractional fortification. The ripest red grapes are collected for further fermentation. The longerr maceration of grape skins lasts, the more saturated and bright the taste and aroma of the drink will be. Our winery uses traditional, time-proven methods of making red dessert wine. Because for us quality is the main criterion. We care about our customers and offer connoisseurs of quality only the best Ukrainian dessert wines from red grape varieties. The process of making red dessert wines in the Kolonist winery meets all international standards, which guarantees customers top-quality dessert wines.

Why you need to buy red dessert wine?

1. Dessert wine from red grapes has a positive effect on the overall well-being of a person. Due to a large number of vitamins, essential oils and trace elements which are characteristic of the drink, dessert red wine enriches a human body with useful microelements, cleans body and makes you feel better.
2. Thanks to miraculous properties, dessert wine from selected varieties of red grapes guarantees a good mood to a person. It is worth noting that excessive alcohol consumption has adverse effect on a human health.
3. Red dessert wine acts as a good antibacterial and antiviral agent. To prevent various colds, doctors advise to drink a glass of red wine in order to prevent unpleasant diseases.
4. At restless nights or if you suffer from insomnia, a glass of red wine will bring a sound sleep.
5. Red dessert wine after meal will allow a person stay energetic and vigorous throughout the day, as it helps digestion.

 How to choose a good red dessert wine and not regret your purchase?

When buying red dessert wine, you must pay special attention to quality. However, how can you distinguish an upscale drink from a cheap counterfeit?
Label. Information on the bottle is the main indicator of the level of professionalism and competence of the manufacturer. The label on a bottle of red dessert wine of the highest quality should contain such data:
- trademark;
- full name of the selected product;
- total volume of the bottle or the container in which the wine is contained;
- alcohol percentage in a drink;
- percentage of sugar in a drink;
- contents (bulk wine);
- full address of the enterprise, directly manufacturer;
- country of origin.
Cork. Our winery pays special attention to details, so the cork should be made from quality raw materials. Distinctive feature of prestigious wineries is that for them each bottle of red wine is a work of art, and little things like a cork is an integral part of exquisite drink. The Kolonist Winery bottles its red dessert wine exclusively with natural cork, which are purchased in Portugal.

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