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Would you like to feel real pleasure? Our family winery “Kolonist” offers you a wide range of white wines produced in Ukraine:


- white sparkling Bisser (a variety of white wine, the main feature of which is the presence of carbon dioxide, which makes the wine effervescent and rich with tiny beads of bubbles. White sparkling wine can be made from any variety of grapes making flavour range very versatile. But sparkling white brut Bisser is made exclusively from Chardonnay (blanc de blancs) variety from our own plantations. In our online store you can find sparkling wine according to your individual preferences and wishes and our experienced consultants will help you make the right decision.) 


- Sukholymanske white (this wine can be distinguished by its restrained taste that attracts a lot of connoisseurs of high quality drinks. For production of white dry wine our winemakers use the Ukrainian grape variety Sukholymansky white.)

- Traminer dry (this wine is recognisable due to its distinctive aroma of rose petals, which is a characteristic feature of Traminer grape variety)


- Chardonnay dry (this white wine from the world's most famous grape variety Chardonnay is made from the grapes of our own plantations and is aged for 6 months in barrels of 100-year-old French oak)

- Chardonnay dry «Haut de gamme» (this wine is characterized by highly sophisticated oak fermentation technology, it is also aged for 6 months in special barriques made from 100-year-old French oak and acacia. Due to this technology, the wine becomes mineral and rich, full-bodied and oily. Such types of wine are produced in Burgundy nowadays.)


- Riesling white semi-dry (made by Mosel technology, when fermentation process is stopped with cold)


- Muscat fortified dessert (this wine is made from the most sweet varieties of grapes such as Irsai Olivér, Citron of Magarach and Muskat Ottonel, and is served exclusively after the main meal as a digestive.)

Each wine has a special taste and aroma. In our online store, you can find all the information you are interested in regarding the high quality of our white wine and choose a drink that suits your taste and finances. The “Kolonist” family winery offers local wines of the highest quality, made with great love for every customer. Only here you can buy wine from white grapes, which will send you on a journey to the homeland of “Kolonist” wines – to Bessarabia.

White wine is truly a drink of aristocracy. A large number of grape varieties allow winemakers to create a unique bouquet of flavours making a drink so popular all over the world. There is a misconception that white wine is made exclusively from white grapes varieties; however, grape skin affects directly the colour of wine. The “Kolonist” family winery produces high-quality Ukrainian white wines from varieties of white and pink grapes, which add exquisiteness and special charm to a famous drink. Only here you can buy white wine, which perfectly combines refined taste and unique aroma. There are many varieties of white wine and each has its own unique taste characteristics. For example, for production of white dry wine our winemakers use a low yield technology in vineyards and aging only in French barriques (classic French barrels of 225L volume used for aging wines).

Why you need to buy white wine in the Kolonist online store?

British scientists have proven that the healthiest type of wine rich in numerous vitamins and trace minerals is a dry red wine. Despite this, wine from white grapes has its advantages and health benefits.

1. The main benefit of white wine is that it has a large number of vitamins, essential oils and trace elements, which have a positive effect on the overall well-being of a person. There are no such components in grape juice.

2. It is best to enjoy wine with meal. Organic acids inherent in wine can contribute to good digestion and help better assimilate useful trace elements like protein and iron.

3. Drinking white wine in the right doses has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

4. Feeling unwell and experiencing nausea and vomiting? Doctors advise drinking a glass of white wine. It helps get rid of harmful microelements and also acts as disinfectant on bacteria.

Homemade white wine

White wine is a very capricious drink. Unlike other varieties of wines, like red or pink, white winemaking requires a lot of work. Also, it is worth considering the fact that homemade wine from white grapes may not be a success at the first attempt. After all, white wine manufacturing takes a long period of time and is considered to be a challenging task. Our “Kolonist” online store has been producing wines from the best grapes for over 10 years, and guarantees the high quality and high-class service. Only here you can buy high-quality Ukrainian aged wines from white grapes at a reasonable price. We assure you that after tasting our wines you will not remain indifferent!

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