Cabernet dry aged red


Wine made from Cabernet grapes is considered one of the most delicious and popular drinks in the world, since Cabernet wine is considered the king of red wines. Our skilled winemakers grow Cabernet-Sauvignon grapes on the Kolonist plantations, due to which wine acquires an exquisite taste and a delicate aroma. Only in our online-store you can buy high-class Ukrainian red wine made from Cabernet grapes at a reasonable price.

This grape variety became popular due to certain reasons:
• Simplicity of variety. Cabernet grape variety is characterised by simplicity of growing and harvesting. Unlike other varieties, Cabernet is not so fastidious to weather conditions. Grape vine easily tolerates both excessive frosts and high temperatures, which favourably affects taste and aromatic qualities of wine. The only drawback of this grape variety, as it seems to most winemakers, is a fairly low yield. But at the Kolonist winery grape growers carefully control reduced yield. After all, Cabernet can produce crops in small amounts, but its quality will be higher. On our Kolonist winery plantations we grow Cabernet-Sauvignon grapes adhering to all necessary rules and guarantee a high-quality Cabernet red wine to our customers; and a long-lasting aftertaste in combination with a delicate aroma will complement the overall taste palette with unique shades.
• Duration of aging. The main feature of wine, made from the selected grape variety Cabernet, is long aging in both barrels and bottles. Our winemakers adhere to international standards for Cabernet red wine production in order to guarantee a high-quality drink to our customers: depending on the barrels in which the wine is aged, it will later acquire a certain taste and aroma. At the Kolonist winery Cabernet is aged exclusively in French barrels made of 100-year-old French oak, which naturally gives wine a more vivid and rich flavour and an unforgettable vanilla aroma. Only in our Kolonist online-store you can buy red wine made from the selected grape variety Cabernet-Sauvignon, which will give you an unforgettable harmony of divine aftertaste and a delicate aroma.
• Versatility of preparation. There are a lot of recipes of making red wine from Cabernet grape variety, each of which has its own unique characteristics and specificity of preparation. Blending and assemblages (mixing several varieties of grapes) based on Cabernet wine are also quite widespread in the world of winemaking. The main classical assemblage pair to Cabernet is Merlot or Cabernet Franc. Skilled Kolonist winemakers make Cabernet wine following not only traditional technologies, but also using modern sophisticated methods to create a drink with divine taste qualities. This technology lies in the process of fermentation, which goes with whole berries in large oak containers from 100-year-old French oak, and after that Cabernet wine is aged in barrels for 9 months.

To create a delicious Ukrainian red wine from Cabernet grapes, our professional winemakers carefully monitor the cleanliness and sterility in production; the state of harvested grapes and absence of all kinds of diseases; low fermentation temperature and, of course, follow the correct algorithm for creating a great drink in which every stage of production will ideally harmonise and complement each other.

Only in our Kolonist online-store you can buy a high-class drink, the quality of which meets all international standards. On Kolonist plantations, our qualified employees grow Cabernet grape variety with the goal of giving you a divine drink of Gods - red wine.

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