Red wine

Red wine

Kolonist online-shop offers you high-quality Ukrainian red wines from selected technical varieties of red grapes. Thanks to our professionalism and desire to create something special, you can be assured of unsurpassed taste and high quality of Kolonist red wine. You can find all necessary information regarding production and composition of red wine on our website.
Our Kolonist family winery offers the following choice of Ukrainian red wine:


- Cabernet dry varietal aged
- Merlot dry varietal aged
- Odessa black varietal dry aged
- Cabernet Merlot dry aged category “Haut de gamme”
- Cabernet Merlot 1.5 L Magnum
- Cabernet Merlot 3 L Double Magnum
- Cabernet Merlot 5 L Jeroboam
- Cabernet Merlot 6 L Imperial
- Liturgical dry red


• Liturgical fortified dessert
• "Bashta" port wine vintage fortified
• Odessa black fortified

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Each drink is special because it was created with great love by our winemakers.
Red wine is made by the "Kolonist" family winery from selected varieties of red grapes. Distinctive feature of red wine is its unique taste and subtle aroma, which are peculiar only to this kind of wine. Red dry and sweet wines are in great demand among true connoisseurs of alcoholic beverages. There are more than 4,5 thousand varieties of this product in the world. Kolonist offers you a large assortment of red wine of any degree of aging and taste. Only with us, in Kolonist online-store you can buy red wine of high quality with unique taste at an affordable price. Kolonist red wines are aged in special French barrels made from 100-year-old oak. Aging in oak makes Kolonist red wines unique, balances out tannins levels and gives  wine unique aroma of vanilla.
Red wine can be of three types, each of which differs in the way of production, taste and aroma.

Types of red wine:

- dry red wine
- semi-dry red wine
- liqueur (sweet)
Depending on your individual preferences and wishes, Kolonist qualified consultants  will help you choose the most delicious wine that suits your exquisite taste.

Benefits of red wine

The main benefit of red wine lies in its healing properties. It is a known fact that moderate consumption of red wine is beneficial to one’s health. As a rule, wine from red grapes should age in both oak barrels and bottles after bottling in order to maximize effect on one’s health. During the aging process, wine is enriched with necessary microelements, essential oils and vitamins, which have beneficial effect on one’s general well-being.
1. Consumption of red wine of any kind, both dry and semi-dry, in moderate doses helps reduce the risk of multiple cardiovascular diseases, including stroke and heart attack.
2. Red wine acts as a good antibacterial and antiviral agent. To prevent colds, doctors recommend drinking a glass of red wine.
3. Wine from red grapes favourably affects a general condition of a person. In case of restless nights or insomnia, a glass of red wine will improve the quality of sleep, and drinking one at dinner will make you energetic and cheerful throughout the day.
4. Dry or semi-dry wine from red grapes contains amino acids and essential oils, which help remove unnecessary slags from one’s body, enriching it with necessary microelements.
5. A glass of red wine is an excellent remedy from bad mood. However, one should not forget that this is an alcoholic beverage, so consumption of wine from red grapes should be in moderate doses, in order to avoid negative consequences. People who have various stomach, liver and digestive organs problems, breastfeeding and pregnant women are not recommended to consume alcohol.

How to choose a good red wine?

There is a huge number of all kinds of dry, liqueur and semi-dry red wines in the world. However, how can you tell high-quality red wine apart from a fake cheap one?

1. The most important indicator of high-quality wine in a store is a label on the bottle. It should contain the following information: · country of origin;
· full address of the manufacturer;
· trademark;
· full name of the selected product;
· total volume of a bottle, or a container in which wine is contained;
· Contents (bulk wine)
2. In addition, a label should contain detailed information about composition of the product, amount of sugar and alcohol percentage in red wine.

Odesa black red dry wine

Rich assortment of our online-store offers you only high-quality Ukrainian wines with complete information about the product. You can be sure of high quality of Kolonist red wine. Competent employees of the winery will provide you with all necessary information about any kind of red dry or liqueur wine. Only in our Kolonist online-store you can choose high-quality wine from red grapes, which will give amazing aftertaste and surprise even the most fastidious wine aesthetes.

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