Wine with fish

What wine goes best with fish?

Would you like to feel a real harmony of taste? Then the Kolonist family winery offers you a wide range of Ukrainian white wines of a high quality. Because white wines are perfectly combined with fish dishes. Due to the exquisite taste qualities of white grape wine, a taste of fish acquires a special gentle shade. Only in our online store you can buy high-quality Ukrainian white wine made from selected white and pink grape varieties grown in the Danubian Bessarabia. Thanks to the work of our skilled winemakers, wine has an exquisite taste and a delicate aroma that will perfectly complement any fish dish and become the main drink of the evening. After all, the right choice of white wine will complement the main dish, enriching its flavour bouquet with an exquisite aroma and a divine aftertaste. White wine and fish create a perfect harmony of taste. If you don’t know how to choose a quality wine, consultants of our Kolonist online store are always ready to help you make the right choice. Only in the Kolonist online store you can buy high-quality Ukrainian white wine from selected grape varieties, produced by traditional technologies in accordance with all international standards of winemaking. Buying wine in our online store, you can be assured of a high level of professionalism and competence, because we're doing our best for you!

Tips from the Kolonist winery

1. The most important rule when choosing a drink to serve with fish is the principle of flavour combination. In contrast to meat, when the opposites match, fish perfectly combines with similar wines. For example, fat fish is ideally combined with saturated, full-bodied and oily beverages, which have a pronounced taste, and vice versa, a delicate fish dish combines with a finer exquisite and light wine.
2. When choosing a drink to serve with fish, the way of cooking plays the main role. Raw fish best combines with white light wines with an exquisite delicate aroma. Such a tandem guarantees a divine aftertaste, after which your guests will not remain indifferent. Our online store offers you excellent white wines, distinguished by their delicate aftertaste and a unique aroma. For fans of smoked fish, the Kolonist winery recommends buying a high-quality dry wine from white grapes with an ideal mineral and acidity balance, which gives dishes a unique sour-sweet shade. Thanks to this non-standard combination, wine will not outshine the main dish and fish will reveal all its taste.
3. Fried fish perfectly pairs both with white and with pink, and even red light wines. In our Kolonist online store you can buy wine, which will be an excellent addition to the main fish dish, according to your preferences at an affordable price.
4. For people fond of seafood, such as lobster or crawfish, we strongly recommend buying white table wine from any sort of grapes. Well-known Chardonnay wine, which you can buy in our Kolonist online store at a reasonable price, best combines with seafood. Chardonnay produced at our winery will reveal all the hidden flavours of the main dish. While seafood is distinguished by the most delicate meat, sparkling wine or Champagne will outshine the whole exquisite taste of the main dish, drawing all attention to itself.

However, the most important factor in choosing wine to fish is taste preferences of a buyer. After all, accepted standards don’t always guarantee an ideal taste harmony.

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