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The Kolonist winery offers you a prestigious white sparkling wine brut, known throughout the world for its exquisite taste and unique aroma. Our winemakers make Bisser Ukrainian sparkling wine from the Chardonnay grape variety, grown on our own Kolonist vineyards.
High quality, long aging period and classical production technology make Ukrainian sparkling white wine brut in the Kolonist store very popular and highly-demanded among true connoisseurs of this drink. Only in this bottle a refined taste of crispy freshness creates a harmonious combination with aroma of fresh green apples, brioche, vanilla and light yeast shades, which gives white sparkling wine a unique bright notes and long aftertaste. Only in the Kolonist online store you can buy a bottle of a high-quality white sparkling wine Bisser brut meeting all international standards at an affordable price.
White sparkling wine is saturated with carbon dioxide, which makes it effervescent and rich with tiny beads of bubbles.

Saturation of wine with carbon dioxide can be achieved in two ways: natural, in the process of wine fermentation, and artificial, when carbon dioxide is injected under pressure. In the production process of Bisser sparkling wine from the white Chardonnay grapes our skilled winemakers use a classical method of champanisation in a bottle, when wine becomes sparkling due to natural formation of carbon dioxide in the process of secondary fermentation. Bisser sparkling wine is aging on yeast (sur lies) for at least a year and a half. Therefore, we can say with certainty that our winemakers adhere to all production requirements of this drink in order to guarantee you a high quality and a unique taste. Due to the use of Chardonnay grape variety the wine acquires a light golden colour, which looks perfectly in the glass.

Sparkling white wine bought in our online store will perfectly complement a festive meal and become the main drink of the evening. Due to its light structure, delicate taste and flavour brut white sparkling wine is very well consumed and doesn't cause heaviness or other unpleasant sensations. Sparkling white wine brut bought at the Kolonist online store - is a guarantee of a good mood and a vigorous state of health.


What you need to know about white sparkling wine from the Kolonist winery

Our Bisser brute white sparkling wine is distinguished by a high quality and a traditional production method, so a buyer can be assured of useful properties in each bottle.
1. Moderate consumption of white sparkling wine from Chardonnay white grape varieties improves the work of cardiovascular system.
2. Due to a long aging period and combination of various minerals, white sparkling wine has a large number of vitamins, amino acids, essential oils and other useful microelements, which have a positive effect on one’s overall well-being.
3. Brut sparkling white wine positively affects one’s digestive process accelerating metabolism.
4. Doctors recommend a glass of white sparkling wine before going to bed. This ensures good sleep and cheerful mood in the morning. 

Harm of white sparkling wine

1. Because of individual differences of a person or allergy to certain components of white sparkling wine, a drink can adversely affect the overall health of a person.
2. A poor quality white sparkling wine made with additional chemicals can harm a human body, so we recommend buying brut sparkling white wine only in trusted stores. The Kolonist online store guarantees a high quality of each bottle.
3. Excessive alcohol consumption including sparkling wine from the Chardonnay grape variety can have negative consequences.

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