Merlot dry aged red


Merlot is considered one of the most popular dry red wines in the world. The Kolonist online store offers you high-quality Ukrainian dry red wines from selected Merlot grape variety. Merlot is grown at the Kolonist winery under close supervision of our expert winemakers, so you can be sure of the high quality of our wine. Merlot is considered to be quite a soft and refined beverage worthy of true aristocrats; the flavour bouquet of this wine doesn’t have a pronounced shade, but it can boast of a delicate aftertaste and a unique aroma.

Wines made from Merlot grape variety are valued all over the world. Characteristics peculiar to this variety help to improve the palatability of dry red wine with age. Over the years, Merlot acquires even more tart taste, filled with sweet notes of juicy black and red berries or dried fruits. Only in our Kolonist online store you can buy Merlot, made according to the highest quality standards, which guarantee unique taste sensations and a lot of pleasure.

Peculiarities of Merlot

The selected Merlot grape variety is distinguished by its large berries and thin skin, however, despite this, grape is absolutely not fastidious to weather conditions. The grape vine easily tolerates strong frosts and high temperatures with heavy precipitation, which has a favourable effect on the taste and aroma of dry red wine. Merlot wine is an amazing drink, because it can be consumed regardless of its age, both young and matured. It is scientifically proven that immature dry red wines such as Merlot, clean blood vessels, as they have a fairly high acidity. Due to this, young Merlot is considered a good gastronomic pair, because it is quite smooth and light. But with age Merlot opens up in a new way, acquiring new taste qualities. For those who like berry flavours, such as blackberries, cherries, plums and violets, you can try a drink in the early stages of aging in a bottle, and  for those who prefer a more saturated tart taste, such as dark chocolate, coffee, figs, black pepper, notes of spices, truffles, etc., it is recommended to wait a certain period of time, so that the wine can age, acquiring a divine aroma, silky tannins, velvet shades and only then proceed to wine tasting. In any case, Merlot is distinguished by a wonderful flavour and aroma, regardless of aging degree.

The peculiarity of Merlot dry red wine lies in its ability to perfectly combine a pronounced taste and a delicate aftertaste, an excessive astringency and a delicate aroma, a pure ruby colour and an overall richness. It is a drink that combines opposite taste qualities and thereby creates a unique taste palette. Our winery creates dry red Merlot, aged in a 100-year-old French oak. Our winemakers adhere to all international standards, because they care of our customers’ welfare and want to provide them with the highest quality wine with a unique taste.

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