Wine with lamb

Which wine goes best with lamb?

The Kolonist family winery offers you high-quality Ukrainian wines made from selected grape varieties grown in the Danubian Bessarabia. Each wine is distinguished by an exquisite taste and a delicate aroma, which will give you a unique aftertaste. Lamb is a relatively expensive product, which matches only with upscale dry red wines, which let the main dish reveal its taste in a new way. Our Kolonist online store offers you a wide range of Ukrainian dry red wines made from selected grape varieties, grown on the Kolonist plantations. Thanks to professionalism of our skilled winemakers, you can be sure of a high quality of our red dry wine. Only here you can buy exquisite Ukrainian dry wine from red grape varieties, which will complement any festive cuisine with a delicate aroma, a long aftertaste and a pronounced taste.

Lamb is rather capricious meat, which requires special attention in the cooking process. However, the final result is worth the effort, because a dish is characterised by special tenderness. Therefore, a choice of wine must be made with a special carefulness and attention. The right choice of a drink will complement the main dish, revealing all the hidden flavours, and will give your guests an unforgettable taste pleasure. In turn, the wrong choice of a drink guarantees that the main dish will be underestimated, as the taste and tenderness of meat will be lost in the rich taste of red dry wine. Only here, in the Kolonist online store, qualified consultants will help you choose and buy a high-quality red dry wine, which will create a unique harmony of taste of a refined drink with tender lamb, that will certainly please your guests and make the evening unforgettable.

Red dry wine perfectly pairs with the tenderest lamb. Harmony of taste created by this combination will be to the liking of the most sophisticated wine aesthetes. However, to achieve a perfect taste idyll, you need to pay attention to nuances.

1. It is necessary to buy a quality red dry wine from well-known manufacturers. To achieve the ideal combination of red dry wine with lamb, you need to buy both products in accordance with the country of origin. For example, if the wine is from the Ukrainian Kolonist winery, the meat should also be Ukrainian. This principle of pairing wine and food is called "regional".
2. Tender lamb must be supplemented with red wine with less pronounced taste and bright aroma. The main gourmet choice falls on such varieties as Cabernet and Merlot, because a rich aftertaste will outshine a taste of the main dish. Balance of products is necessary for achieving a harmony of taste. In our Kolonist online store you can buy a high-quality red dry wine from selected grape varieties, which will perfectly complement the main meat dishes at an affordable price.

Of course, when buying wine to lamb you shouldn’t follow only accepted standards, since each person has individual taste preferences, and what's delicious for one is unacceptable for another. However, regarding the choice of high quality wines, it is best to buy them in our online store. After all, the Kolonist winery produces only the best Ukrainian red dry wines that will perfectly complement the tenderest lamb meat and create a unique idyll of taste.

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