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“Kolonist” is honored to present a unique project - PRIVATE LABEL -  creation of its own vintage bottle of Ukrainian wine, which will become one-of-a-kind, unique in the world.

The main aim of the project is to give the opportunity to become the owner of  Cabernet Merlot the highest category “Haut de gamme” with a private engraving.

To create such wines, we use oak vinificators of  French manufacturer VICARD, in which fermentation of whole berries takes place and barriques of French company VINEA, made from 100-year-old French oak, in which wine is aged for 9 months.

Wines of category "Haute de gamme" have long potential of aging in the bottle - more than 10 years!

The Kolonist family winery offers you an elaborate design of your private collection - bottles of various sizes:
- Cabernet Merlot 1.5L Magnum
- Cabernet Merlot 3 L Double Magnum
- Cabernet Merlo 5 L Jeroboam
- Cabernet Merlot 6 l Imperial

You have a unique opportunity to create your own bottle of Cabernet Merlot Ukrainian dry red wine the highest category “Haut de gamme” with individual engraving, which will be admirable and unique - photo, wish, company logo or anything else!

Additionally, the Kolonist family winery offers to place the bottle in wooden box, which can be also decorated with your own inscription. It is convenient to age and keep the wine in such boxes.

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The minimum order amount is 1000 UAH. Put some more bottles of wine in your basket!

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