Chardonnay dry aged white


The Kolonist family winery offers you an unsurpassed Ukrainian white Chardonnay wine made from grapes grown at the Kolonist winery plantations by the great efforts of our professional winegrowers. Chardonnay is a versatile grape variety, as it is absolutely not fastidious in its climatic requirements and gives a good harvest. White Chardonnay wine has a very tasty and spicy aroma of fresh peaches, lemons, apples and tropical fruits, thanks to natural gustatory properties of grapes, obtained during fermentation. To create a unique flavour, it would be enough to simply make wine by a classical technology. Grapes of Chardonnay variety are very refined with a brightly saturated taste. In the process of aging it only enhances its taste, delicate aftertaste and unsurpassed aroma. This makes Chardonnay one of the most popular and highly demanded grape varieties in the world.

Only here you can buy superb Chardonnay wines at a reasonable price and be sure in the splendid quality of the drink. We care about every customer and make wine by a traditional technology in accordance with all international standards of winemaking. The main feature of the Ukrainian white aged dry Chardonnay wine from the Kolonist winery is that this white Chardonnay wine is aged for 6 months in special barrels from 100-year-old French oak. Only real professionals and skilled winemakers work at our winery. For them wine is not just a job, but a real art. Our employees know all the subtleties and secrets of a unique wine from the white grape varieties Chardonnay, which unparalleled flavour palette guaranties you unforgettable tasteful sensation. Harmony of delicate flavours and delicate aroma of peach, orange and lemon makes the drink one of the most sophisticated in the world.

Chardonnay wine and food

If you want to enjoy Chardonnay wine bought from our online store, serve it chilled at a temperature of no more than 8-12°C. Only then wine acquires an unsurpassed harmony of pronounced aftertaste and delicate aroma. Chardonnay can be combined with fish dishes and seafood, without fear of outshining the exquisite taste of this drink. Wine with glimpses of tropical fruits and juicy berries is best served to sweet desserts after main dishes, to achieve a perfect taste. Like any other white wine, Chardonnay matches with hard and cream cheese, light snacks and salads, nuts, pistachios, bakery products, sweet and sour fruit and many sweets. It is also possible to combine it with tender meat dishes and low-fat beef. 

Uniqueness of Chardonnay wine lies in its versatility and harmonious combination with a various snacks and main dishes. Its unrivalled taste spectrum allows you to combine it with meat and cheese, salty dishes and sweet desserts. In any case the final combination of wine with the main dish depends only on your individual gastronomic preferences. Kolonist online store offers high-quality Ukrainian white wine Chardonnay at a fair price. Only here you can buy a refined drink that will give you unforgettable taste sensations, an interesting aftertaste and a delicate, pronounced aroma.

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