Wine with meat

Wine with meat: how to choose? 

 Wine is an exquisite drink that is consumed for quality, not quantity. Each sip of wine from the Kolonist family winery will give you a range of unforgettable taste sensations, accompanied by a refined aroma and a long aftertaste. It is a known fact that red wine is perfect with meat, and white wine is with fish. Only in our Kolonist online-store you can buy high-quality Ukrainian red wines made from selected varieties of juicy grapes, which will perfectly complement meat dishes and create a unique harmony of tastes and delicate flavours. However, how to choose a delicious snack that will not extinguish the taste of a drink, but, on the contrary, will show all its hidden sides?

Tips from the Kolonist winery  

Red wine is perfect match for any kind of meat. Harmony of tastes, created with this combination, will appeal even to the most sophisticated wine aesthete. However, to achieve a perfect harmony, you need to pay attention to nuances.
1. Red wine must be purchased from high-quality producers, because you want to enjoy a real drink, not cheap grape juice, don’t you? To achieve the ideal combination of red wine and meat, it is necessary to buy products in accordance with the producing country, for example: if wine is from the Ukrainian Kolonist winery, meat should also be Ukrainian.
2. If you have problems of wine selection by geographic principle, it is necessary to use the principle of product balancing. That is, dry red wines with exquisite sourness should be supplemented with a juicy meat steak with a pronounced taste. Or vice versa, wine with a sweet rich aftertaste will perfectly match meat under lemon sauce.
3. Tender meat must be supplemented with red wine with a less pronounced flavour and a bright aroma. After all, rich aftertaste will cover the taste of the main dish. It is necessary to observe balance of products in order to achieve harmony of tastes. In our Kolonist online-store you can buy high-quality red wine made from selected grape varieties at an affordable price, which will perfectly complement the main meat dish; and thanks to our qualified consultants you will make the right choice.
4. It is quite difficult to choose wine for a specific type of game, for which gourmets have a certain weakness. After all, this type of meat is distinguished by stiffness and fiber dryness. They cook a richly-sweet sauce with pronounced flavour notes in order to express the taste delicacy. To create a perfect harmony, it is necessary to select a very light wine for this dish, which gently complements the taste palette, rather than overpowers it.

Of course, when choosing wine, it is not necessary to be guided only by generally recognised rules, since each person has individual taste preferences, and something tasty for one is unacceptable for another. However, it is best to buy high-quality wines in our online-store. After all, the Kolonist winery produces only the best Ukrainian wine that perfectly complements any meat dish and creates a unique harmony of taste. We do our best only for you!

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