Traminer dry varietal white


Traminer wine is considered one of the most spicy and flavoured drinks in the world, which does not leave even the most notorious tasters indifferent. Due to its exquisite taste and pronounced aftertaste, Traminer wine is very popular. Kolonist online-store offers you high-quality Ukrainian wine made from pink, light amber Traminer grapes with juicy apricot and spices notes and aroma of fragrant flower petals. The main peculiarity of Traminer is a pronounced aroma of rose petals. Combination of flavours and aromas gives the drink a unique unsurpassed bouquet in which flavour elegance and richness will perfectly harmonize with aroma notes.

The Kolonist winery makes high-quality Ukrainian wines adhering to all international standards, thereby guaranteeing its customers the highest level of products. Traminer wine made from a variety of pink grapes is no exception. Since this drink is distinguished by its fastidiousness and delicacy in production, our skilled winemakers approach the process of making Traminer wine with special care. The most important secret of making Traminer wine is a timely harvest. Since this grape variety has high percentage of sugar, overripe berries provoke increased spirituousness, which will ruin refined taste of the drink, and an early harvest will add increased acidity and it will naturally affect the taste.

On the vineyards in Danubian Bessarabia, the finest variety of Traminer grapes is grown under a careful supervision of professional vine-growers. Traminer is very fastidious to weather conditions, easily susceptible to frost and heavy rainfall. Thanks to professionalism and competence of local wine-growers, you can be assured of the highest quality of this drink and its unrivaled flavour and aromatic qualities. The Kolonist winery cares for its customers, so we are doing our best to produce wine with a unique taste, delicate aroma and unforgettable aftertaste that will not leave even the most sophisticated wine aesthete indifferent.

Traminer wine and food

Traminer wine perfectly fits a festive table. One sip of this drink with exquisite spicy notes of sweet pepper and pronounced juicy aftertaste will give your guests unforgettable pleasure and bouquet of taste sensations. The drink goes in harmony with various snacks, light salads and cheese. Depending on the country, wine aesthetes enjoy Traminer wine as an aperitif or a complement to meat pates or hard cheese. It depends on your individual preferences, what kind of gastronomic pair you will choose for this drink. In any case, such combination will open all the hidden texture of wine, enriching its range of specific flavour nuances. Kolonist online-store presents unseasoned wine from Traminer pink grape, which we made with great love for you at an affordable price. Only here you can buy Ukrainian white dry Traminer wine without any doubt, because Kolonist online-store is a guarantee of quality and reliability.

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