Semi-dry white wine

The Kolonist family winery is a guarantee of professionalism and a high quality! Only here you can buy exclusive Ukrainian white semi-dry wine, made from Riesling grape variety of the highest quality, which perfectly combines an exquisite taste and a delicate aroma of exotic fruits.

Our Kolonist online store offers you one of the best Ukrainian wines – Riesling semi-dry white wine. This white wine was made from Rhine Riesling selected grape variety grown on the Kolonist winery own plantations. This wine combines a sweet taste of juicy peach, white apricot and delicate notes of ripe mango. Due to such taste bouquet you will find yourself in hot Italy under a bright sun.

White semi-dry wine is a unique work of art. When creating it, our professional winemakers contribute all their soul and heart. We produce Ukrainian semi-dry white wine according to the rules that meet all international standards in order to make a drink with unique taste qualities. Only in our Kolonist online store you can buy Riesling semi-dry white wine that meets your high requirements, as it is a drink of true aesthetes.

Semi-dry white wine is an excellent gift to a festive meal, because this drink is best consumed during meals, enjoying every sip. Due to vitamins, essential oils and microelements of semi-dry white wine, food digests faster and one’s overall well-being is noticeably improving.

Semi-dry white wine has a small percentage of sugar in a drink, which gives a pronounced sweet shade to the overall bouquet of taste. Excessive astringency acquires a subtle sweet taste, due to which a person experiences a divine aftertaste. Our winemakers adhere to the traditional methods of producing semi-dry white wine, including fermentation process, which make taste of semi-dry white wine unique.

Benefits of semi-dry white wine

1. Semi-dry white wine has a beneficial effect on the overall health of a person, because microelements, essential oils, amino acids and vitamins obtained in the result of prolonged fermentation are very useful for human health.
2. Semi-dry wine from white grape varieties improves functioning of cardiovascular system.
3. Semi-dry white wine Riesling 2016 normalises stomach activity. For this reason it is very useful to drink a glass of white wine with meal better food assimilation.
4. A glass of semi-dry white wine in the evening guarantees a good sleep at night.
5. High-quality semi-dry white wine, that you can buy at the Kolonist winery, makes you feel better and guarantees a good mood throughout the day (it should be noted that wine should be condumed in reasonable amounts to avoid negative consequences).

Homemade semi-dry white wine

There are many recipes for making white dry or semi-dry wine at home. However, most attempts often fail, because the process of making white semi-dry wine is very long, and it requires patience and great attentiveness. For this reason we recommend you not to risk both your health and the health of your loved ones, and buy a quality white semi-dry wine in our Kolonist online store, which guarantees an unforgettable taste, a high quality and an affordable price! 

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