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May holidays and St. George’s day at Kolonist family winery 30.04-11.05.2019

Alla and Ivan Plachkov invite you to family winer Kolonist to celebrate the great spring Bulgarian feast of St. George's Day with family and friends. Winemaker Kolonist invites all, who wish to visit the blooming spring Danube Bessarabia and dip into the world of viticulture and winemaking. The celebration will be from April 30 to May 11 in Krynychne village, Odesa region, at Kolonist family winery.

May holidays and  St. George’s day at Kolonist family winery 30.04-11.05.2019

We will reveal the secrets of a unique terroir. We will visit a place, where the sun warms the vine with double rays. You will open the secrets of barriques from 100-year-old oak for ageing wine. You will be surprised by a unique world of local traditions of the multinational Danubian Bessarabia. You will get acquainted with  culture and folklore of the Bulgarian colonists. You will enjoy dishes from preserved old recipes, which have been cooked for several centuries specially for the celebration of the day of St. George – so called sacrificial lamb, and also you will taste an unrivaled Danubian herring. And, of course, you will taste  "Kolonist" wines.

We are sure that these weekends will give you the best impressions!

Programme of the event 
(Full day visit of Kolonist family winery)

11:00-11:30 Welcome at Kolonist winery in the Krynychne village. Short breakfast (coffee / tea, national pastries) in the tasting room.
11:30-14:00 Tour around the vineyards: history of winery; admirimg a special Ukrainian terroir, where high-quality grapes are born; secrets of cultivation and features of the vineyards treatment system. Lunch: traditional national dishes of the Danubian Bessarabia.
14:00-15:00 Tour to the production cellars- secrets of production technology and uniqueness of Kolonist wines.
15:00-16:30 Deep wine tasting of Kolonist wines.
16:30-17:30 Tour the historic hall, collection cellars and Kolonist wine shop. Free time.
17:30-19:00 Dinner in the fireplace hall of the Kolonist family winery (traditional dishes from young lamb, which are served in honour of St. George's Day).

The cost of the Full Day at the winery for 1 person - 950 UAH. (excluding transport and accommodation).

Winemaker Kolonist is open*:
- working days - for groups and individual visits;
- weekends - for group visits (min 12 people).

* Advance booking is required! Groups are formed according to availability.

For more convenience, we suggest you to arrive in Izmail or Bolhrad the night before and check in to a hotel considering that the celebration program begins early. 

GreenHall – (048) 41 78 555; (048) 41 77 629
VIP hotel  –
Hotel «Bessarabia»- 067-444-87-71,
Hotel «Old Town» –
Hotel «Premium» 
Hotel«ART-Hotel» –

Hotel «Inzov» –

We draw your attention  that to Krynychne village you should  follow only through Bolgrad or through Izmail, without using your GPS-navigator after Tatarbunary town!


Contacts of taxi services in Izmail:
«Yellow Taxi» +38 (063) 649-79-26
Taxi «Pantera»  +38 (04841) 6-11-01    +38 (098) 587-25-33   +38 (093) 851-99-50

Contacts of taxi services in Bolgrad:
+38 (093) 648-49-80    +38 (‎063) 995-99-82    +38 (‎093) 453-70-10

For booking places, as well as for additional information, please contact the following phones or e-mail us:
Zykina Inna
tel./ fax:  +38 044 499 40 22

Also, in  Danubian Bessarabia, you can visit  following places, very interesting from a cultural and historical point of view (visiting  below listed places is organized by yourself and is additionally paid).

1. Sights of Izmail
  • Izmail Historical Museum A.V. Suvorov (Pushkin Street, 37).
  • Diorama "Storm of  Izmail fortress by Russian troops and Ukrainian Kosaks under  command of A.V. Suvorov 11 (22) December 1790 "(st.Krepostnaya, 1-a).
  • Izmail Historical and Local History Museum of the Dnieper (51 Kotovsky Street).
  • Museum of  Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company (Chervonoflotskaya St., 28).
  • Izmail art gallery (All. Suvorov, 19).
  • House of Artists of  Union  Artists of Izmail (str. Benderskaya, 43).

2. Bolhrad
  • Church of St. Mitrophan, built in 1825 and at the same time serves as  burial ground of a founder of the city I. Inzov.
  • Transfiguration Cathedral, built in 1833-1838 under the plan of architect A.Melnikov.
  • Church of St. Nicholas, built in 1871.
  • Historical and Ethnographic Museum, where the history of Bessarabia Region is presented. Among the exhibits of  museum there are various archaeological finds, household items, clothing of Bulgarians, Gagauz and Albanians.

3. Bilhorod-Dnistrovska (Akkermanska) medieval fortress
The medieval fortress "Akkerman" on the banks of the Dniester Estuary is one of the largest and best preserved in Ukraine. The construction of the citadel is attributed to the Genoese period of XIII-XIV centuries. An exposition of instruments of torture is open on the territory, siege guns are displayed in the courtyard. Music festivals and championships on historical fencing are held.
Address: Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, str. Ushakova, 1
+38 (04849) 6-97-90, 6-97-80, 2-59-65, (094) 957-67-80
Open hours: 8: 00-18: 00

4. Brynzarnya with a mini hotel "Cuba is far? Cuba is near!"
Here you will find tasting of sheep cheese, national dishes of Lipovan, Moldavian, Bulgarian cuisine. At the farm you can feed and pet domestic animals. Also, you can stay at the farm in the hotel "CUBA-DALECO", which is located at the sea coast.

Address: vill. Primorskoe, Kiliyskiy district of the Odessa region is 12 km of Vilkovo.
Walking distance to the sea takes 10-15 minutes.
Contacts: +38 (050) 391-06-78, +38 (066) 731-08-50.

5. Vilkovo - a city on the water
Visiting Vilkovo, you will plunge into the atmosphere of a unique nature of the Danube Delta. Having gone on a boat to 0 km, where the Danube flows into the Black Sea, you will listen to the history of the city of Vilkovo, the history of the Old Believers' village, and discover the beauty of the river reserve. The tour includes lunch on one of the Danube Delta islands with a soup by the fishing lipovan recipe.
Office in Vilkovo: +38 (067) 483 52 07; +38 (04843) 3 15 82
Office in Odessa: +38 (067) 489 01 69; +38 (048) 777 12 05 
Office in Odessa: +38 (048) 799 89 17; +38 (067) 981 65 69; +38 (095) 937 48 29; +38 (063) 890 86 69
Office in Vilkovo: +38 (048) 798 16 29; +38 (067) 287 99 94

6. Center of wine culture "Shabo"
Duration of the tour with tasting is about 2.5 hours,  guests are accompanied by highly professional guides. Tour programmes are interesting and varied. Everything breathes history here, everything inspires with modernity. Connoisseurs of fine drinks, visiting beautiful old objects - a bicentennial Royal, Sherry, Two-story cellars, underground wine storages, etc. have an opportunity to get acquainted with the history of wine and the identity of  terroir Shabo.

Address: Ukraine, 67770, Odessa region,
Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi district, vill. Shabo
str. Shveytsarska, 10
More information by phone. +38 (048) 7000-210.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Danubian Bessarabia!

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