Workshop winemakers of Bessarabia

Growers and winemakers from the four southern districts of Odessa region participated in the workshop "problems of development of viticulture and winemaking of Bessarabia." The event was held in the village of Krynychne, Odessa region on August 11 this year based on winery "Colonist".

Krynychne 2012

the Moderators of the workshop was the Chairman of the Association "Ukrainian Bureau of grapes and wine" Ivan Plachkov, Vice-President of the Association of winemakers of the Mosel Dr. Karl Kirch (Germany).

the participants were also Director General of UBW Igor Nikolin, the owner of one of the oldest wineries in Europe Dr. Peter Pauly and his son Stefan (TM "Dr. Pauli Bergweiler")

the seminar discussed the problematic issues of Ukrainian legislation in the field of viticulture and winemaking and ways of adjusting to European standards.

German experts shared their experience of organization and functioning of the Moselle wine-growing region, which produces world famous wine from Riesling grapes. The participants of the seminar got acquainted with the production and tasted wines of TM "Kolonist". Organized a trip to the vineyards. Winemakers from Germany praised the wines of TM "Kolonist".

Notes from seminar

Video footage


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