Bordeaux meets with Ukraine at the 45th parallel!
Ivan Plachkov, founder of the winery KolonistRecently at the winery "Colonist" called for the owner of the sommelier school and the company Winevox in Bordeaux Brenda Burgs. She shared her impressions of the trip on the link:

Given that this was my first trip to Ukraine, I didn't really know what to expect. But as I was travelling with a consultant from Bordeaux Olivier's great Dane, who at that time already the tenth time I came to Ukraine, I knew I was in good hands.

Ivan and Alla Plechkova with Olivier's great Dane and his wife Katie[/caption] 

We were on the way to the winery "Colonist" that is located on the South of Odessa region, in the region called Bessarabia Pridunayskiy. This is the place where winemaking began its origins from the times of Ancient Greece. The trip was a little long, despite the rough road (to which most Indians are quite used to), but, of course, the arrival was worth it.

Kathy Sokoto and Olivier DogIntercepted the spirit of plantations growing on the southwestern slopes of the largest freshwater lake in Ukraine - Yalpug.

Ivan Plachkov and his wife Alla, the owner of the winery "Colonist", happily showed me his winery, founded in 2005, and readily listened to the advice of Olivier's great Dane, how to prepare for the next harvest season. Ivan told me how it all began, on his meeting with Olivier 10 years ago, the decision to make one of the best brands of wine in the country, which flourished at the same time suffered from the wars and the strict Soviet regime in the past.

As a former Minister of fuel and energy and eks-the Governor of Odessa region, Ivan like a history textbook, which came to life in new ways.

wine expert from Bordeaux, Olivier gave advice on doing grape farming and production technologies, not to copy the technique of Bordeaux, but rather to adapt to the needs and expectations of the Colonists with the aim of making quality wines. I watched for Olivier to work with a team of Colonist, tasting samples of wines that are now aged in barrels, and expressing his opinion on blends. Ivan and Olivier seemed happy with the results: 2016 to be promising.

Passing the rows of vines, we saw that the grapes formed and quite healthy. The continental climate brings warm summers, so the Colonists were lucky that the vineyards do not breed bacteria that can cause rotting of the grapes. Thirty hectares of vineyards planted on clay soils rich in minerals with deposits of limestone. There are growing local varieties of grapes such as Odessa suholimansky white and black, as well as international varieties: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling and Chardonnay.

"Colonist" tasting samples of wine with barrow.

Tasting samples wines from barrow with the team at the winery "Colonist"[/caption]

My favorite wine "Kolonist" Riesling, it has a nice fresh peach flavor with subtle mineral tones. It goes well with fresh crayfish from the lake Yalpug. A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot worthy of a good classic médoc (Bessarabia, situated on the same latitude as Bordeaux). This wine goes well with mutton cutlets with homemade paprika on the grill. The assortment of twelve wines, including sparkling wine. "Colonist" is online store delivery of wines in Ukraine. For example, Riesling is 9€, Chardonnay - 10€, Cabernet Merlot - 15€, sparkling Besser - 16€. The winery continues to work to increase their export sales, but if You visit Bordeaux, you can enjoy a glass of Riesling or Odessa black from the Colonial wine bar VinsUrbains (27 rue des Bahutiers, 33000, Bordeaux).

I highly recommend to connoisseurs of wine, visit the winery "Colonist", where You will find great wines, spectacular scenery, but most importantly You will meet generous and friendly hosts - family Plackova.

the Briefly about Brnda Bugs

After 5 years of work in large retail wine company of Bordeaux, a native of Britain, Brenda Burch has extensive knowledge and has significant experience in the field of winemaking in one of the most beautiful wine regions in the world: Bordeaux. She owns Winevox company that provides leading education in the field of wine including WSET courses, wine marketing, and translations for the French wine industry.

Winevox posolskoe also runs the current program in the U.S. for the Crus Bourgeois du Medoc, organizing workshops in such top universities as Stanford, Columbia, Yale, staff training wine shops, and wine tasting for private wine clubs and associations.

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